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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Socks – Jotaro Joestar Socks JS1111


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An awesome pair of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Socks designed after the legendary Jotaro Joestar, featuring aesthetics and symbols that represent him. The symbols include the iconic Joestar birthmark, with the palm and heart symbols spread out on different sides. Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of the Stardust Crusaders story arc, while he also makes appearances in Parts 4, 5, and 6. He is considered one of the strongest and coolest protagonists of the JoJo series, and his rivalry with Dio Brando is something that the entire otaku community knows of even if they aren’t fans of JoJo.

Get comfortable in style with this awesome pair of Socks!


    • Unique size: 19.5 cm – 7.6 inches
    • Unisex
    • For the fans of Jotaro Kujo