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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Plushies – Giorno Giovanna Pillow Plush



An lovable Giorno Giovanna pillow Plush starring him in distinctive chibi paintings, which shows him in critical expressions and a cute pose. Giorno Giovanna is the trendy and distinctive protagonist of JoJo’s Weird Journey: Golden Wind (Vento Aureo), and is the fifth Joestar launched within the collection total. Whereas primarily the son of Dio, he’s a Joestar because of the truth he was conceived with the physique of Jonathan Joestar, which makes him the very best of each worlds as he’s ridiculously highly effective due to his Stand Gold Expertise however retains the compassion of the Joestars in his coronary heart.

Maintain Giorno Giovanna near you with this delicate, snug and exquisite pillow Plush!