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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Keychains – Gio Gio Chibi Keychain JS1111


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Giorno Giovanna is the flashiest JoJo of all time. His Rockstar personality and electric qualities make him stand out from all the characters in the series and only some ” Lero Lero LERO LERO” Ahm; only some characters are able to match up with him in his charm.
He is a Gangster star and although quite badass but here a very cute, Chibi version of the eccentric Giorno Giovanna in our Giorno Giovanna Chibi Keychain design that will add style and a lot of character to anything that you attach it to. You just can’t go wrong with anything Gio Giovanna related if you want something that subtly screams a fashion statement in the classic JoJo sense.