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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Face Masks – Soft and Wet Face Mask JS1111


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A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Face Mask imprinted with the unique and versatile Stand of Josuke Higashikata from Part 8: JoJolion. The mask comes with ear loops and a nose pin that you can adjust to your liking, as well as a waterproof exterior and a very comfortably smooth interior that filters the air that passes through and lets you breathe with complete ease.

JoJolion is the latest part of the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, so stay up to date in the fan-base by ordering this mask as soon as you can!


    • Size: 15 cm x 20 cm — 5.9 inches x 7.9 inches
    • Non-Medical JJBA Soft and Wet Face Mask (But still good!)
    • Material: Made of polyester-cotton, soft and breathable, plus ultra-comfortable to wear – Washable. Cleaning doesn’t reduce the effects of dust.
    • Function: Activated carbon filter prevents haze and odor. Industrial exhaust, cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, etc. can harm the human body. If you want to protect your health and get praise from your friends, you will not miss it.
    • Pattern design: 3D printed super realistic color patterns, unisex for indoor and outdoor wear.
    • This doesn’t protect you against viruses unless you put the right filter!
    • At the moment, we cannot ship to the United States because of rules. We will keep you posted.